Thursday, August 12, 2010

To swim or not to swim?

Aw yeah! SWIM!

We started off not sure where to go, but this one won (cause I though that Evie needed to eat some sand.)

Got together with a group of awesome mom's and (of course super cool kids) to check out what fun we could have at Dodge Park #4 today.
With a day dawning cloudy and threatening rain we weren't sure if it made sense to go.

Boy Evie and I are glad we did! Perfect temperature water, sand just asking to be made into castles and sand dinosaurs. We played and played and played (then we ate) and straight back to the playing. We had the whole beach to ourselves for the first two hours, then enjoyed making new friends as other kids came to play.

Overall... so awesome... now... to nap.

Stay cool Sloan

For those of you not familiar with dodge park #4 here is a link:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimming with the Stanleys

Well after a long drive to get to Grandma and Jubba's (though it was just to see Grandma this time, as Jubba is off kayaking) we had a fun time with lunch, Ice cream Sandwiches... and then the SWIMMING!

Grandma took us to the community center to the Oasis pool - it has a slide and water jets and water guns and fountains and a big umbrella that showered water over everyone!

It was... intriguing. It took me some time, but I managed to avoid all the water fountains on my way to the play area. Daddy and Grandma took me into the water and let me play with one of the pool balls. I have found that I have no problem with being in the water, but a rather large problem with being splashed.